"I love this band"
Alan Raw (BBC Introducing)
"One of, if not the most emotionally charged bands Hull has ever produced"
Dom Smith (Soundsphere magazine)


Adam Brodie
Daniel Spooner
Jamie Dean
Grace Christiansen
Paul Sargeson

Who Are you?
Who are you really?

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When & Where Are We Playing Next?

Mon 29th July- London - Aces & Eights
Fri 2nd August - Humber St Sesh
Mon 5th August- Leeds - Oporto
Fri 30th August - Freeedom Festival Hull - Main Stage 5.30pm
Mon 2nd September - Sheffield - West Street Live
Tues 17th September - Hull- The Sesh
Thurs 19th September - Trinity Live - Hull
Thurs 14th Nov - BBC Intro Humberside

It's OK to not be OK
But only for a little while